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Wing 1200mm 4 Servo (Flaps) - RG15 Airfoil

Wing 1200mm 4 Servo (Flaps) - RG15 Airfoil

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Just the wing.

These are the STL print files for the 1200mm SoarKraft wing with the RG15 Airfoil and with flaps.  This wing uses the additional carbon reinforcement and can be printed out of a variety of materials.

This wing fits all of the models with the removable wing saddle, such as:

  • Roughgen V2
  • Pika
  • Igneous

The RG15 airfoil has been very popular for slope soaring for many years and was the airfoil for F3B and F3F competition throughout the 80s and 90s.  It is know for a very wide speed range and amazing lift to drag ratio.  With flaps, even a heavily ballasted model can be slowed to a gentle landing speed.

  • wingspan - 48.9 in (1243mm)
  • wing area - 234 (1508 cm^2)

This four servo wing design uses the same number of panels as the two servo wing, but the width were adjusted to place the servos in ideal locations for better balanced control surfaces.  Ailerons are 250mm each and flaps are 200mm each, and the flaps are bottom hinged for maximum angle.... can be swung to 90 degrees... now that is some stopping power.

A Soarkraft fuselage is necessary to build a complete airframe, or add this wing to any of the Soarkraft models.


What do you get:

  • 3D STL print files for this wing
  • Instructions for how to assemble the wing - printing settings
  • Assembly diagram

 Update - v3b - update files for foaming and pre-foamed PLA printing, longer flap

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