Weather you have a 3D printer or you are looking to up grade for printing 3D airplanes there are a few things to consider. These recomended printers are only recommendations.

Buy what you want, use what you want.

The 3D Printer is a tool... it should not have to be a hobby in itself.

Expensive does not mean better, most high end printers on the market today are not worth the expense, need all the same maintainence as a cheap printer and have limited choices for materials and service. The right inexpensive printer can easily print these models. Here are our suggestions.

PRINT SIZE – 180mm x 180mm x 200mm height minimum.

A DIRECT DRIVE EXTRUDER - not required for SoarKraft models, but nice to have

Artillery Sidewinder X2

Open Box - Add 4 Screws - ready to print - so easy

We have been using 2 Artillery Sidewinder X1 V4s non-stop since 2018 printing many different parts with many different materials. The X2 is mostly the same printer, we have one and like it, auto leveling as the most obvious difference. It has a valcano hot end, which means it has a long metal tip instead of a teflon (or other) lead-in to the nozzle. This allows for higher nozzle temperatures and less problems from failed plastic tubes. Direct feed means better material control. It also has a print bed that heats up fast and can maintain higher temperatures. Will print almost any material without need of modifications. It just works. The ceramic glass bed is the only down side for other projects, but for printing thin walled plane parts it is perfect. Has a much larger print area than needed at 300mm x 300mm x 400mm, but sometimes you need to print bigger things... very useful tool.

Sidewinder X2

Best Budget Printer - Voxelab Aquila S2

Creality Ender3 as the best basic printer, it is still a capable printer, but really needs upgrades to be a dependable tool. FlashForge / Voxelab Aquila S2 has all of the needed upgrades: quiet, direct drive extruder, removable print surface. Its like a Ender3 S1 for the same price as a basic Ender3.... This 200mm x 200mm x 240mm print area is big enough for most all airplane model printing, capable of printing most all materials, and has "good enough" quality to be day to day reliable. For the price there is nothing else available with these capabilities. The only down side of this printer is the print nozzle - it uses a non-standard thread and extras are only available from Voxelab... bet there is a way around that.

Voxelab Aquila S2