Links to Parts

To finish your SoarKraft Model you will need additional parts. Purturded Carbon Fiber is the supporting material of choice for the interalnal struture, light weight, very strong and inexpensive. The rest of the materials are common equipment for radio controled gliders and powered gliders. These are suggested materials, you can use and build however you want.... however if we know this stuff works.

Carbon Fiber Supports

Carbon Fiber holds the printed parts together in ways that will make the airframe last longer and handle rough landings. Carbon fiber rods and strips are suggested, but wood or steel can be used also. Carbon fiber can be purchased at the following links.

Carbon Sizes Used

For most airframes these are them carbon sizes used, details in instructions:

  • 2 - 2 x 1000mm rod - longerons - 2mm rod - Aloft
  • 3 - 4mm x 1mm x 1000mm strip - wing, flap, and tail support - 4mm strip - Aloft
  • 1 - spar - 1000m size / shape depends on wing style - see below

See individual wing information for spar detail - here are options

1.2M RG15 Wing Spars - 2 and 4 servo - qty 1 per wing

6mm x 1000mm rod - 6mm rod - Aloft

6mm x 4mm x 1000mm tube - 6 x 4mm tube - Aloft

1.2M MH32 Wing Spar - qty 1 per wing

7mm x 5mm x 1000mm tube - 7 x 5mm tube - Aloft

1.2M DS Wing

10 sqr x 1000mm - 10 mm Sqr - Aloft

1.6M Wings - stiff version

8 sqr x 1000mm - 8mm Sqr - Aloft

and qty 2 - 6 x 1 x 1000mm strip - 6mm Strip - Aloft

Here are are other places to buy carbon



Full Flight Packs

Now available on Aloft Hobbies website are all the parts for the SoarKraft models. These flight packs include all of the carbon fiber, pushrods, servos, servo extensions, ez connectors, and even glue to complete your model all in one convenient package. You just need to enter how many of each part you want. If you plan to make multiple airframe / wings / fuselage configurations.

If you spend over $80 you get free shipping.

Aloft Hobbies flight pack

Tools We Like

Great for finishing parts to fit exactly how you want. The 4" (100mm) file set is a must have, fits all the gaps. The 5" set is nice for many thing, but too big for the small slots. The 7/32 round file is great for spar channels and cleaning up print bed overhangs - I use this tool daily.

Sorry - links under construction

Other Items you might need

Here are links to items we have used with the SoarKraft models. You do not have to use these exact parts, but they will give you an idea of what additional items you might need or want for building. Even if the link is out of stock it should still have information about what it is and maybe an alternative.

Sorry - links under construction

Here are propeller power pod links

Use want you want, but these are what fit and have been tested... and crashed.. and tested some more. Even if the link is out of stock it should still have information about what it is and maybe an alternative. Make sure the ESC connectors match the battery and or the motor, or buy the right connectors to solider on.

Motor 1400kV, 3S 1000mAh lipo, with 9 x 5 prop recomended.

Best source for folding propellers has been: ebay and/or Hobbyking 9x5