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Full Flight Packs - Available from Aloft Hobbies

Now available on Aloft Hobbies website are flight packs for the SoarKraft models. These flight packs include all of the carbon fiber, pushrods, servos, servo extensions, ez connectors, and even glue to complete your model all in one convenient package. You can also increase the number of carbon pieces ato get bulk pricing if you plan to make multiple airframe / wings / fuselage configurations.

Carbon Fiber

SoarKraft highly recommends adding support to the 3D printed parts. This holds the printed parts together in ways that will make the airframe last longer and handle rough landings. Carbon fiber rods and strips are suggested, but wood or steel can be used also. Carbon fiber can be purchased at the following links. Similar materials are used in all SoarKraft airframes.

Aloft Hobbies - carbon fiber

This is the best selection and prices we have found recently, however their shipping is a bit expensive so buy in bulk cause the price is sooooo good.

6mm x 1000mm rod - carbon rods

2mm x 1000mm rod - carbon rods


6mm x 4 and 5mm x 1000mm tube - carbon tube

2mm x 1mm x 1000mm tube - carbon tube


4mm x 1mm x 1000mm strip - carbon strip

They have other parts and pieces as well.

Servos and hardware

9g Servos - rod links - push rods to finish the basics

More Parts and Links

These are parts used on other options and models to come, as well as radio gear.

Power Pod Recommendations

The Roughgen Power Pod was sized to fit A2212 outrunner motors - D2826 is the same size. It will fit larger motors such as a D2836.

The battery compartment is 26mm wide and can fit a 34mm tall and 75mm long battery... 100g battery balances easily, however the 2200mAh will fit... so will 4S batteries ... more power.

Also need to fit a ESC. Here are links to several examples of parts that will work. These may or may not be instock, but there is nothing special about the brand so get something similar if it is out of stock. Make sure your battery, ESC, and charger all have the same connector or be prepared to add adapters too.

List of links for the additional parts needed to complete a SoarKraft airframe