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Complete STL file set for this 3D printed airframe.

Can be printed with PLA, PETG, Light Weight foaming PLA (Colorfabb/E-Sun), or Low Density PLA (Polymaker PLA-LW).

  • wingspan - 48.9 in (1243mm)
  • wing area - 234 (1508 cm^2)
  • RTF weight - 15-27oz (440-770g)

The Roughgen is a 3D printable airframe, based on many molded slope racing / performance gliders from the past 30 years. The Roughgen Version2 file set adds the most popular option of the removable wing with the selection of wing airfoil, type  and size.  The Roughgen file set features the Cross Tail Design.  All other tail options can still be used with this file set.  

Recommended wing - 1.2M RG15 2 Servo - Bread from F3F competition, the RG15 airfoil is a known performer with a huge speed range and excels many conditions from light lift to booming thermals. With a 1.2m wingspan is small enough to easily fit just about anywhere, but big enough to be seen easily even at a distance. The design was specialty formulated to deal with rough landings in bushes and rocky areas with a reinforced leading edge and features to hold carbon support. Flies like a molded plane, but you print the parts.   Print extras for repairs or print multiple copies.  2+ complete sets can be printed from 1kg of material.  This is the simplest combination for be best performance.

You can select one of the other wing options, see the airfoils and wings page for a complete explanation of the different types.  All wings fit all fuses, so upgrading later or trying additional wing type is easy. 

Designed to be printed in any type of material.  Carbon reinforcement is recommended but not necessary.  Less than 20 individual pieces. 

This is the 3 servo version: aileron left/flap, aileron/flap right, and elevator. 

Different tail, wing and power pods nose variations available separately.


What do you get:

  • STL files for each part 
  • Building instructions
  • Print Settings for Prusa/Bambu/Orca, Cura and Simplify3D

Update - v3b - update files for foaming and pre-foamed PLA printing 

Update - v3 - update wing and fin parts to "Perimeter Before Inner" design

Update - v2c - improved tail surfaces for larger area, big control surfaces, longer control horn and straighter pushrod.  Added extra carbon channels in wing saddle for more carbon support if desired.

Update - v2b - faster printing fuse and tail files for Cura Slicer, assembly features for vertical tail added 

Update - v2 - Roughgen v2 Fuse and wing as separate.

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