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Roughgen - t tail option

Roughgen - t tail option

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STL files for printing a t tail section for the Roughgen airframe.  The same carbon reinforcement is recommended, but not necessary.  Uses the same Horizontal / Elevator parts.  Includes tail section, fuse finisher and different elevator control horns print files.

The Roughgen "basic" file set is required t finish this airframe.  These parts replace parts in the basic set to make the t-tail option.

What you get:

STL files for slicing and printing parts for the t-tail

g code files for printing these files in PETG on a Sindwinder X1

Building diagram

see video for detailed build information 

Update - v3b - update files for foaming and pre-foamed PLA printing 

Update - v3 - update wing and fin parts to "Perimeter Before Inner" design

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