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Juicy DS Wing - RG15 - 1200mm 4 Servo (separate flaps)

Juicy DS Wing - RG15 - 1200mm 4 Servo (separate flaps)

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Just the wing. 

  • wingspan - 48.9 in (1243mm)
  • wing area - 234 (1508 cm^2)

Designed to be stiff and speedy.  This is the easiest to build and program - 4 servos.

The 10mm Square main spar is beefy and can handle more weight.  Additional front and rear spars add for torsional rigidity to stave off flutter.  Smaller and narrower ailerons are plenty effective at the speeds this wing can endure.  The wing can carry extra ballast in the form of 1/4" steel rod running the full span (2X if desired).  

The RG15 Airfoil is well known for dynamic soaring and is a proven shape up to and beyond 200 mph.  Other airfoils will be offered, but this is the suggested go to.

This wing uses 4 servos to control Ailerons and Flaps: right and left.  These can be programmed for more complex use such as flaps, reflex, camber (climb) and snap flaps and Crow landing.  Ailerons are 200mm each, Flaps 180mm each.  At heavier weights and tight landing spots a 4 servo wing can save the day... but needs to be set up right and skill always helps.

These are the STL print files for the 1200mm SoarKraft Dynamic Soaring specific wing.  The carbon supports are not included but are available from several suppliers.  See the Links Page for the most up to date sources.

This wing fits all of the models with the removable wing saddle, such as:

  • Roughgen
  • Pika
  • Igneous

A Soarkraft fuselage is necessary to build a complete airframe, or add this wing to any of the Soarkraft models.


What do you get:

  • 3D STL print files for this wing
  • Instructions for how to assemble the wing - printing settings
  • Assembly diagram



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