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Juicy DS - full Airframe for dynamic soaring

Juicy DS - full Airframe for dynamic soaring

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Complete STL file set for this 3D printed airframe.  Carbon Fiber sold separately.

Can be printed with PLA, PETG, or whatever you want to print it with.  In this case heavy and stiff is best... PLA is suggested.  

  • wingspan - 48.9 in (1243mm)
  • wing area - 234 (1508 cm^2)
  • RTF weight - 29-60oz (820g - 1700g)

Added - extra thick walled alternate wing saddle, radio tray and nose cone 

The Juicy DS is based on the Roughgen is a 3D printable airframe, but tailored for dynamic soaring.  The Roughgen is capable of DSing, but the Juicy takes it to the next level.  A 10mm Square Carbon main spar and two additional spars make for a stiff wing that can handle boundary layer turbulence and be loaded up with some extra ballast.  

Not only does the wing have more carbon / stiffness, so does the fuselage.  An extra longeron runs the full fuselage length to bolster the radio tray and tail, and extra carbon can be used in the wing saddle to improve survivability when landing a heavy weight.   

See the links page for carbon fiber suppliers and other needed materials.

Sure, a foam combat wing is the best entry level DS trainer.  The Roughgen / Juicy might be the best next step.  Easy to print, easy to build and inexpensive parts make this airframe a fantasic entry into dynamic soaring something that is efficient enough to pass the 100+ mph without much effort.  Flies like a molded plane, but costs less than a foamy.  

Pick you wing preference: 2 or 4 servo wing.  2 servo for the ease of build and programing, or 4 servo for separate flaps.  The wings are available separately... so you can have both.

The RG15 airfoil is a proven dynamic soaring shape and is good to 200 mph and more.  Other airfoils will be offered, but this airfoil is the go to for DS speed.  

This design will continue to be developed and part revisions / updates are included. 

What do you get:

  • STL files for each part 
  • Building instructions
  • Print Settings for Prusa/Bambu/Orca, Cura and Simplify3D

v3 - update wing and fin parts to "Perimeter Before Inner" design

v2e - changed horizonal / elevator, made elevator smaller, better for higher speeds. 

v2d - updated to work with Prusa Slicer better, added thick wall wing saddle, nose cone, and radio tray

v2c - updated tail part similar to all other, longer control horn, straighter pushrod.

v2 - updated fuse parts

v1 - release

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